We are husband and wife duo harpists who have been performing since 1976. We had no music background, only a burning desire to play music. After trying several different instruments with no success, our deep yearning led us to harps.

We called a harp teacher and asked, Are we too old? Does it matter that we can't read music? Age and lack of rudimentary skills were not deterrents. Thus began our adventure with our harps.

We have several CDs of our music.  We began recording our music in 1978.

Harp From The Heart - Hypnotically intertwined arrangements, at times dynamic and bold, and at times soothing and meditative.

Two Harps videos -


Harpists, we offer our duo harp music scores of our own arrangements which are free to use.  Many of these arrangements are played by us on our YouTube channel.
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